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The Nosey Librarian Tag Questions

The Nosey Librarian Tag Questions

1. What has been the most influential library in your life?
Pacific School of Religion Library, Berkeley CA

2. Honest Assessment: What will they title your biography? The Drifter or Drifting On A Death Flow

3. The story from your life that you most hope your librarian never finds out? My life of sin as a young man. I broke every Ten Commandment when I was young man.

4. What is your favorite word? "suppose"

5. 3 Weird things of which you are afraid and 1 way which you would prefer not to die? This question is weird. I would not want to die in an American Civil War. Three weird things about me (1) I wear white socks (2) I like eating peanut butter and bacon sandwiches (3) I am a neat freak. I hate clutter.

6. Your favorite book as a grade schooler? The Playboy magazine.

7. What have your interactions with the police been like? I rather not reveal my interactions with the police. I have gotten speeding tickets many years ago.

8. All-time favorite book cover? A plain leather cover of a King James Bible HOLY BIBLE

9. How many places have you lived? I have lived in Calif. Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, Oregon, Texas, Michigan and Mississippi.

10. Tag 11 booktubers that you like and/or admire and why do you like and/or admire them? And compliment Stripped Cover Lit

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