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we are receiving light and love from God

It is in the flow of existence NOW 2:35 PM Sunday afternoon. It has been a super quiet day thus far. I have been reading my books, watching videos on Booktube and dozing. I thought I would something I read this afternoon in the book, 'Fire Within' by Thomas Dubay S.M. that spoke to me-

"We have already noted that St. Teresa's prayer of quiet is far removed from its caricature, quietism. The dissimilarity between the two becomes still more clear when we ask of her what kind of activity is appropriate and what is not. She answers by insisting that attempts to force the mind to be empty do more harm than good. The Buddhist has methods for voiding the mind, but we are not Buddhists. We are not producing a neutral state of awareness; we are receiving light and love from God, and there is a vast difference between a sterile, impersonal awareness and a living, lightsome loving. When God wants our mind to cease operating in its ordinary human manner, He gives a delicate but loving luminosity in such manner that all we have to do is receive. Prayer grows, at His initiative, from our human manner to the divine manner. When we notice the infused quiet, we leave aside discursive reasoning, but this does not mean that there is to be in the future no activity of the mind at all. "If we are not quite sure that the King has heard us, or sees us," says Teresa, "we must not stay where we are like ninnies, for there still remains a great deal for the soul to do when it has stilled the understanding; if it did nothing more it would experience much greater aridity and the imagination would grow more restless because of the effort caused it by cessation from thought." When God wishes us to give up our human mode of praying, He illumines in His mode and leads us into an absorption in Himself. . ." pg. 91 Thomas Dubay

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