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Used Books Haul

Used Books Haul

'No Fond Return Of Love' a novel by Barbara Pym

'The Yosemite' by John Muir

'Josephine: A Life of the Empress' biography by Carolly Erickson

'The Story Of A Non-Marrying Man and other stories' by Doris Lessing

'Kiss of The Spider Woman' a novel by Manuel Puig Translated from the Spanish by Thomas Colchie

'Trans Atlantic' a novel by Colum McCann

'The Triumph' a novel by John Kenneth Galbraith

'Books: A Memoir' by Larry McMurtry

'A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush' travel memoir by Eric Newby

'Soldiers Of The Faith: Crusaders and Muslims at War' by Ronald C. Finucane

'The Arts Of Tuscany From The Etruscans To Feragamo' Art History by Marina Belozerskaya

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