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It is in the icy cold death flow 11:01 AM late Sunday morning here in southwest Michigan. It is warmer today, but not blazing hot. The snow has turned to slush. This week the slush will turn to mountain of ice.

I got up this morning around 6:30 AM. When I got up I found Carol sitting in the living room. I got a glass of cold water and sat next to Carol in the living room till I felt ready to make oatmeal for a morning meal. I made oatmeal for breakfast and brewed a fresh pot of coffee. I ate my oatmeal messing with our main computer. After messing with our main computer and eating mush I wrote in my paper diary.

Carol left for Covenant PCA around 9:55 AM this morning. I have spent the morning writing in my paper diary and reading from these two books-

'The Spiritual Life' by Campegius Vitringa Translated And Edited By Charles K. Telfer Foreword By Richard A. Muller

'Fire Within: St Teresa Of Avila, St John Of The Cross And The Gospel ON PRAYER' by Thomas Dubay, S.M.

I have nothing to do today. This evening I will watch Superbowl LIII. Tomorrow is a Monday. Time keeps vanishing in front of me. Here today and gone tomorrow. Next week Tuesday Carol flies out to Seattle Washington for a week. Carol will be visiting our son Josiah and his wife Hannah and their little girl Marika Rose. Hopefully Carol will not die while she is gone.

Last night we had dinner at Caleb's down the street. We celebrated while at Caleb's Cora's birthday. She is now one years old. I wonder what kind of life I was living when I was one years old? I like to have a detailed record of my whole existence from my birth till my death. A history of a common Christian white male living during the last days of the American Empire. Someday America will be living in the light of another great world power maybe China or Russia. America will be forgotten in world history a thousand years from now.

When we got home last night Carol watched some taped television show and I watched Booktube videos. We went to bed early and I read late into the night from the book, 'The Spiritual Life' by Campegius Vitringa. Now it is another day, the first day of a new week.

Well I will close to wait for Carol to come home from Covenant PCA.

Carol, Cora, & Josie celebrating Cora's first birthday

Cora's birthday party

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