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another stage in escalation of conflict to global war level

It is 11:26 AM Wednesday morning here in southwest Michigan. It is raining ice this morning. The roads are dangerous. Last night in watching the 10 o'clock PM News there were several reports of people killed on icy roads. I am glad I do have to be on the roads of death today. Emily our daughter-in-law has to drive to GR for work and last night she texted us the roads were bad. The Lord answered prayers and Emily got home alive.

Last night Carol and I were suppose to have dinner with Carol's kin but I re-injured myself and I had to have Carol take me to ER at the hospital. I was in such intense pain that I had to go to see a doctor to make sure nothing serious was wrong with me. Remember a week ago I fell over a chair and bruised a rib on my left lower back. Last night I was reaching down for a CD and immediately felt a pain that almost knocked me out. I was in terrible pain and I immediately knew this was it, that I better go to the hospital. So Carol canceled our dinner engagement and we drove to ER hospital. To make a long sad painful story nothing is broken but I have a bruised rib that is absolutely killing me with PAIN! I can't lay down but only sit in a position of partly sitting up. I tried to sleep last night in our recliner chair in our living room. Every time I get up to walk I am excruciating pain. There is nothing the doctor could prescribe for my pain but Ibuprofen to be taken every six hours/make sure you take these pills on a full stomach/after eating.

So last night when we got home from the ER hospital I sat in pain. Carol went to bed early since she had been up since 3 o'clock AM. I sat in pain and read late into the night from a book titled, 'Allen Ginsberg Iron Curtain Journals January-May 1965' Edited By Michael Schumacher. I also read yesterday from the novel, 'Paris In The Present Tense' by Mark Helprin. I took with us to the hospital the novel 'Paris In The Present Tense' as we waiting to be seen in Holland Hospital ER. We were in ER for three hours/Carol saw several people she works with. Carol works in ER and on other floors in the hospital. Carol is a Rapid Response Nurse so goes wherever she is needed.

So this is a report on the state of my health. I am constantly praying for healing. If I had belonged to a visible church I would have called for our church Elders to come to our house and lay hands on me and pray for God The Healer to heal my bruised left side. All I can do is go in prayer to The Chief Elder the Lord Jesus Christ The Great Physician and plead for healing.

I will close. Keep the Faith.

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