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the Son and the Father share the same will to save human beings

It is 11:13 AM Thursday morning here in southwest Michigan. It is a cold sky blue sunny morning. I should go for a walk while the sun is shining. It is a nice day to take pictures someplace, like out by Lake Michigan. The setback to such an idea is that I have a winter cold and do not feel like going outside into the cold. It would be especially cold and windy out by Lake Michigan.

I got up this morning around 6:47 AM. Carol was already up when I got up. I fixed myself oatmeal for breakfast. I next messed with our main computer and then ate my oatmeal. Carol wanted to go grocery shopping so I got dressed. We were home from grocery shopping around 8:35 AM. After putting away the groceries I wrote in my paper diary and have been reading my Reformation commentary on the Gospel of John. Carol left at 10:10 AM this morning for a staff meeting at the hospital.

I plan to do nothing today but wait for tomorrow to come. Last night I hardly remember. I did get a phone call last night from a fellow who comes into the Book Nook once in awhile to talk. The fellow is a Christian and is also into books. The fellow's name is Ryan and he wanted to know if it was OK to come over this evening. I said sure (the time was around 4:45 PM) and he said he would be at our place in 15 minutes (discovered when Ryan got here he had ridden his ten-speed bike in the snow!). I showed Ryan our library and as we were looking at books we talked. At one time in Ryan's life he owned a bookstore, but sold all his books to pay for a life on the road with his wife and three children. Ryan left around 6:30 PM and hopefully in the future we will get together again.

I have been mainly reading when not reading Christian books a book titled, 'Allen Ginsberg Iron Curtain Journals January-May 1965' Edited By Michael Schumacher.

Well I will close to drift.


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