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do not know what I will read during the month of January 2019

do not know what I will read during the month of January 2019

'Allen Ginsberg Iron Curtain Journals January-May 1965' Edited By Michael Schumacher

'The Best Minds Of My Generation: A Literary History of the Beats' by Allen Ginsberg Edited by Bill Morgan

'Complete Stories' short stories by Clarice Lispector Editor Benjamin Moser Translator Katrina Dodson

'Exalted Above the Heavens: The Risen and Ascended Christ' (New Studies in Biblical Theology) by Peter C. Orr

'The William H. Gass Reader'

'John 1-12' New Testament IV Reformation Commentary On Scripture

'John: Interpreted by Early Christian and Medieval Commentators [The Church's Bible]

'Father, Son and Spirit: The Trinity and John's Gospel' by Andreas J. Kostenberger & Scott R. Swain

'Moonglow' a novel by Michael Chabon

'Let Me Be Frank With You' a novel by Richard Ford

'The End Of Mr. Y' a novel by Scarlett Thomas

'The Stories (So Far) Of Deborah Eisenberg'

'Human Nature from Calvin to Edwards' by Paul Helm

'Theoretical-Practical Theology: Prolegomena' Volume 1 by Petrus van Mastricht Translated By Todd M. Rester

'The Works Of William Perkins' Volume Six Edited By Joel R. Beeke And Greg A. Salazar

'Philosophy of Revelation: A New Annotated Edition' by Herman Bavinck Edited by Cory Brock & Nathaniel Gray Sutanto

'Theodicy Of Love: Cosmic Conflict and the Problem of Evil' by John C. Peckham

'Reformed Thought on Freedom: The Concept of Free Choice in Early Modern Reformed Theology' Edited by Willem J. van Asselt

'Reformed Preaching: Proclaiming God's Word from the Heart of the Preacher to the Heart of His People' by Joel R. Beeke

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