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Jesus is the sole point of access to God

It is in the ice cold death flow 1:57 PM Monday afternoon. Outside this afternoon it is gray and ice cold rainy ice pure ugly weather. Folks driving home after work this evening will be driving on icy roads. People will die this evening after working all day on our Michigan roads.

I am tired as usual this afternoon. Carol and I did not get to bed till 1 o'clock AM in the morning. I got up this morning around 8:24 AM. Carol was already up when I got up. She had already had breakfast so I fixed myself a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. I ate my oatmeal messing with our main computer. After messing with our main computer I sat around the house till it was time for me to leave to volunteer at the Book Nook our local library used books store.

So has gone by existence. Not much else to report. I suppose I will close to doze. Carol works tonight so she is sleeping right now. This is the last day of the Year 2018.

All I have gotten around to reading today is the book, 'Father, Son and Spirit: The Trinity and John's Gospel' by Andreas J. Kostenberger & Scott R. Swain. I brought home from the Book Nook two used books to ADD to our library-

'I Hadn't Understood' a novel by Diego De Silva Translated from the Italian by Anthony Shugaar

'Prairie Fires: The American Dreams of Laura Wilder' biography by Caroline Fraser

Yesterday I basically watched professional football and read from a book I got in the mail titled, 'How Fiction Works' essays by James Wood. I have these other books by James Wood in our library-

'The Broken Estate: Essays on Literature and Belief' by James Wood

'The Irresponsible Self: On Laughter and the Novel' essays by James Wood

'The Book Against God' a novel by James Wood

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