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the fourth dimension

It is now in the ongoing death flow 3:06 PM Wednesday afternoon. I suppose I should write something in my online diaries before this day comes to a close. I have been fighting to stay awake all day. I should go for a walk in the woods since right now the sun is shining. It is suppose to rain towards the end of this week. We will approaching also the first official day of Winter this week.

Carol just went to bed to sleep awhile. She works tonight from Midnight till 5 o'clock AM.

I have had a normal day of wandering the house, messing with our main computer, reading my commentaries on the Gospel of John, and writing in my paper diary.

This afternoon when not falling asleep I have been reading a novel I received in the mail yesterday titled, 'The End Of Mr. Y' a novel by Scarlett Thomas.

There is nothing really else to report so I will close to sit and doze. Tomorrow will soon be here.

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