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Book Nook Used Books Haul

Book Nook Used Books Haul

'In The Absence Of The Sacred: The Failure of Technology & the Survival of the Indian Nations' by Jerry Mander

'Following the Footsteps of the Invisible: The Complete Works of Diadochus of Photike' Introduction, Translation, and Notes by Cliff Ermatinger

'American Jezebal: The Uncommon Life Of Ann Hutchinson The Woman Defied The Puritans' biography by Eve Laplante

'Tocqueville's Discovery Of America' non-fiction by Leo Damrosch

'Under A Wild Sky: John James Audubon And The Making Of The Birds Of America' by William Souder

'Audubon: Life And Art in the American Wilderness' by Shirley Streshinsky

'Alexis de Tocqueville And Gustave de Beaumont in America Their Friendship And Their Travels' Edited By Olivier Zunz Translated By Arthur Goldhammer

'Erskine Caldwell: The Journey form Tobacco Road' biography by Dan B. Miller

'Ambrose Bierce: A Sole Survivor Bits of Autobiography' Edited by S.T. Joshi and David E. Schultz

'Bernini: His Life And His Rome' by Franco Mormando

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