the one divine nature

It is 11:02 AM Thursday late morning here in southwest Michigan. It is snowing outside as I write out these words.

My wife and I went grocery shopping this morning. We got up this morning around 5:45 AM and went downtown Holland for breakfast. When we got home I dozed for an hour and then we went grocery shopping.

So the day goes by. I wrote a little in my paper diary this morning. I hardly slept last night so I have not read anything this morning.

Last night we had dinner at our son's place down the street. It was nice to spend time with Caleb, Emily, Josie and Cora. When we got home around 7:30 PM Carol left to go over to Gail's to see how things were going. Hospice came and took away the hospital bed now that Dave has left this life for the world to come. Dave is in a better place. Dave's funeral is next week Tuesday. Carol is going to speak at Dave's funeral.

While Carol was gone last night I read from the book, 'The William H. Gass Reader'. When Carol got home she went to bed. I stayed up and read till 11 o'clock PM. Now it is another day. I am really enjoying reading 'The William H. Gass Reader'.

I have no plans for the day but drift. I am feeling wasted. I will close to sit and wait for existence to drift by.

I did get out to read this morning Volume Six 'The Works of William Perkins'. In this volume I am reading Perkins treatise 'The Golden Chain'. I do not know if I can get into 17th century English Puritan Theology today. Yesterday I got out the novels of Richard Ford to look at. I do not know what I want to read during the month of December 2019? So much to read in this short life span we are given.


Carol, Cora & Emily
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