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the Near East

It is in the night death flow 8:48 PM Saturday night. I can go to bed around 10 o'clock PM. It has been an intense fight all day to keep myself awake. I am sick of everything! Absolutely sick of everything! I need a vacation from the world. What I should do is go for a walk and get some fresh air into my lungs.

Today I mainly watched college ball or sat in the dark. Carol got up around 5:30 PM this evening to prepare to go to work. Carol got someone to cover her shift tomorrow so she can stay with Dave and Gail as Dave waits to die. We do not know how long Dave will live, but it won't be long. Dave could be in the world to come anytime.

Tonight I am too tired to do anything but write in my online diaries. I could watch some more college football if worse comes to rub. I could make a video for my Youtube channel this evening. It has been two days since I have made a video in Booktube. I do have used books to show in a video from the Book Nook. I have not read much today. I thought today I would get in the mail volume 6 of 'The Works of William Perkins'. Maybe this volume of Perkins Works will come in the mail next week. Like I need another book to read like I need another hole in my head.

I did look at today while watching college football a book I got at the Book Nook yesterday titled, 'The Lure Of The East: British Orientalist Painting' Edited By Nicholas Tromans.

Tomorrow I do not know what I will do. I am tired. I am so thankful I do not have to go work Monday. It is suppose to snow Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday next week. We already have called our snowplow man to make sure he clears our driveway this winter of snow. I have to keep reminding myself I do not have to drive in snow storms anywhere.

Well I suppose I will close to feel like shit. I am thankful though I am not going to die the next second.

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