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cosmic conflict

It is in the death watch 9:41 AM Saturday morning here in southwest Michigan. It is a cold rainy dark morning. The rain is suppose to turn to snow either today or tomorrow.

I have been fighting to stay awake all morning. I have those morning where I can't stay awake. Last night I had the same problem of staying awake. Carol did not leave for work last night till 11:20 PM. All evening I sat in the dark dozing till Carol got up. I did read off and on throughout the evening hours. But every time I tried to read I found myself falling asleep. This winter weather makes me want to crawl into a warm cave and sleep till Spring.

This morning I got up around 7 o'clock AM. I made myself a pot of coffee and some oatmeal for breakfast. I messed with our main computer and then ate my oatmeal. After eating my oatmeal I wrote in my paper diary and read when not falling asleep from a book titled, 'Theodicy Of Love: Cosmic Conflict and the Problem of Evil' by John C. Peckham.

Carol said to me last night as she was leaving for work that she planned to go over to Dave and Gail's after work to see how things were going. Dave is slowly dying and Carol wants to me there as much as possible/she is a nurse.

I might watch college football games today. but how can one watch football when someone is dying. Death is everywhere.

I thought of leaving the house to roam the death land, but I am too wasted to perform such an act.

Last night I forced myself to read, 'Reformed Preaching' by Beeke and 'Psalm 1-72' Old Testament VII Reformation Commentary On Scripture.

I might get in the mail today Volume 6 of 'The Works of William Perkins'. That would be a nice kick in the face.

Well I will close to face what comes next down the road of death. God is on a throne.

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