the energy of the gospel

"Fully Justified, She Experiences Heavenly Joy. Johannes Brenz: With this word the woman not only receives full justification by faith, but she also is certified in her conscience that this man truly is the Christ, who is righteousness, holiness and redemption. This is that word which, if Christ speaks it in our heart, we must feel the intense sweetness of God's grace, and we are flooded with all heavenly joy. Learn, from this place, the energy of the gospel. For the woman's conscience, terrified by the knowledge of sin, could not be pacified by anything. Only that word of Christ and such a small word it is, gives life to the dead woman; it alone comforts her in her despair and gladdens her in her sorrow; it alone brings peace to her in her state of agitation. Thus we also, buried in our sins and flung into death and hopelessness, have no other life or consolation than the life we find in Christ Jesus through the gospel. For "the gospel is the power of God to salvation for all who believe." Commentary On John 4:26." pg. 138 'John 1-12' Reformation Commentary On Scripture
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