a big dose of existential despair

After I wrote my reflections on the novel 'The Future Won't Be Long' by Jarett Kobek I went to Google search and typed in Jarett Kobek Nihilism and came across this review of Kobek's novel 'I Hate the Internet' in Amazon-

This is a book whose author calls out modern social media innovators, corporations, and techies; it deposes the sanctity of the internet using irony, blasphemy, irreverence, and obtuse language. Indeed, author Kobek lays biting waste to the affectedness of “it” people, modern day PR, and social media sites like Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook.
The book was filled with at times incoherent and too lengthy rants and, yet, inside the narratives of pretty much unrelatable characters, whom I struggled to like, I felt a sense of their existential despair that roto rooters far deeper than the common refrain of “What’s it all about, Alfie?”

The book opened up a stream of thought that maybe we lay people are being made fools of by the likes of the media Gods. He is a tell all author with no remorse!

After reading the book, I now look at the internet and social media with a more skeptical eye! I now question is the ‘everywhereness’ of God, which is one person's version of the internet, is actually ruinous, nihilistic, and insidiously destructive. Indeed for author Kobek, nothing is sacrosanct! most sacred

His is a book that serves up caustic derisiveness of the impact of social media along with a big dose of existential despair that maybe nothing really does matter after all!
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maybe nothing really does matter after all!
I am almost tempted to read the novel 'I Hate the Internet' by Kobek. In someways I can identify with nihilism if truthfully look at the world around you.