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Sunday Morning Books

'The Future Won't Be Long' by Jarett Kobek

'Theodicy Of Love: Cosmic Conflict and the Problem of Evil' by John C. Peckham

'The William H. Gass Reader'

'American War' a novel by Omar El Akkad

'Gabriel Garcia Marquez: A Life' by Gerald Martin

'Edward Hopper: An Intimate Biography' by Gail Levin

'The Great Naturalists' Edited By Robert Huxley

'James Joyce A To Z: The Essential Reference To The Life And Work' by A. Nicholas Fargnoli & Michael P. Gillespie

'No Direction Home: The Life And Music Of Bob Dylan' biography by Robert Shelton Revised And Updated Edition Edited By Elizabeth Thomson And Patrick Humphries

'Making It New: The Art And Style Of Sara & Gerald Murphy' edited by Deborah Rothschild with an introductory essay by Calvin Tomkins

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