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Monday Reads & Book Nook Used Books Haul 
29th-Oct-2018 03:00 pm

Monday Reads & Book Nook Used Books Haul

'The Rise of Reformed System: The Intellectual Heritage of William Ames' by Jan van Vliet

'Imitating God in Christ: Recapturing A Biblical Pattern' by Jason B. Hood

'The Origin Of Consciousness In The Break Down Of The Bicameral Mind' by Julian Jaynes

'The Revenge Of Geography' by Robert D. Kaplan

'Europa: How Europe Shaped the Modern World' by Julio Crespo MacLennan

'The Conference Of The Birds' graphic novel by Peter Sis

'Begin Again: A Biography of John Cage' by Kenneth Silverman

'The Bitter Road To Freedom: A New History of the Liberation of Europe' by William I. Hitchcock

'Empire Antarctica: Ice, Silence & Emperor Penguins' by Gavin Francis

'The Halls Of The Montezumas: The Mexican War in the American Imagination' by Robert W. Johannsen

'A Disease In The Public Mind: A New Understanding of Why We Fought The Civil War' by Thomas Fleming
29th-Oct-2018 07:13 pm (UTC)
How serendipitous. Empire Antartica is one I read recently.
29th-Oct-2018 09:31 pm (UTC) - Empire Antarctica
the book looks interesting maybe someday I will get around to reading it

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