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red-breasted nuthatch & cardinal 
26th-Oct-2018 03:46 pm
red-breasted nuthatch & cardinal

red-breasted nuthatch

red-breasted nuthatch & cardinal

27th-Oct-2018 09:02 am (UTC)
Before I met you, I never realised those bright red cardinals (or any of the other brightly-coloured birds) were real - I'd only ever seen them in drawings and cartoons. I love your bird photos because it's difficult for me to imagine such exotic-looking birds just coming into your garden like that. But I guess to you it just seems normal. :-)
27th-Oct-2018 10:56 am (UTC) - birds
If Carol and I lived out in the country and not in town we would see many different birds. But what birds we do see by our bird feeder is a delight. Hope all is well.
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