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Friday Reads

Friday Reads

'Grounded In Heaven: Recentering Christian Hope and Life on God' by Michael Allen

'John' Interpreted by Early Christian and Medieval Commentators [The Church's Bible]

'Dispatches From Pluto: Lost And Found In The Mississippi Delta' memoir by Richard Grant

'American Eden: David Hosack, Botany, and Medicine in the Garden of the Early Republic' by Victoria Johnson

'1,000 Books To Read Before You Die: A Life-Changing List' by James Mustich

'The Revenge Of Geography: What The Map Tells Us About Coming Conflicts And The Battle Against Fate' by Robert D. Kaplan

'The General Vs. The President: MacArthur And Truman At The Brink Of Nuclear War' by H. W. Brands

'The Stories Of (So Far) Deborah Eisenberg'

'Asymmetry' a novel by Lisa Halliday

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