Flea Market

It is in the speeding death flow 7:21 PM Wednesday night. My wife just left for work, she left early because her older brother was admitted to the hospital today with a broken hip. Carol wanted to visit with him and his wife before starting her shift as a Rapid Response Nurse. After tonight she is off four nights. My dear wife is still very sick with a cold. I am doing normal right now. I do not know about next moment in the Now. We never know what shit life will throw at us. All we can do is rest in the fact God is Sovereign.

I did get around to mowing the lawn early afternoon today. I had to rake leaves also while outside. I did not mow our back yard because there is always tomorrow. Well hopefully I will still see tomorrow. The world could come to an end tonight. I could die in my sleep tonight. Maybe Trump will cause a Third World War so as to win the upcoming November elections. America is presently being ruled by Republican shitheads.

I basically spent the day wandering my cell and reading from these books-

'Asymmetry' a novel by Lisa Halliday

'The Vintage Point: Perspectives Of The Presidency 1963-1969' memoir by Lyndon Baines Johnson

'American Audacity: In Defense Of Literary Daring' essays by William Giraldi

Carol got up around 5 o'clock PM. So Time keeps flowing by. Do not know what I will do tonight. I suppose I will listen to music and maybe film a video for my Youtube channel. One has to make hay while the sun shines.
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