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poetry & Uwe Johnson

'Anniversaries From A Year In The Life Of Gesine Cresspahl' by Uwe Johnson A New Translation By Damion Searls

LP record Poetry Readings in the Cellar with the Cellar Jazz Quintet Kenneth Rexroth & Lawrence Ferlinghetti

'The Complete Poems Of Kenneth Rexroth' Edited By Sam Hamill & Bradford Morrow

'A Life of Kenneth Rexroth' biography by Linda Hamalian

'Howls, Raps, & Roars: Recordings From The San Francisco Poetry Renaissance' boxset Produced by Bill Belmont Compliled and Annotated by Ann Charters

'Basic Writings Of St. Thomas Aquinas' Volume 2 Summa Theologica Part 1 GOD AND THE ORDER OF CREATION Edited and Annotated, with an Introduction by Anton C. Pegis

'Grounded In Heaven" Recentering Christian Hope and Life on God' by Michael Allen

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