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the books next to our main computer 
17th-Oct-2018 03:25 pm

'Dictionary Flip' For when you know what you want to say but can't think of the word by Barbara Ann Kipfer, Ph.D.

'Cruden's Complete Concordance to the Old and New Testaments' by Alexander Cruden hardback edition

'The New York Public Library American History Desk Reference'

'Reformed Confessions Harmonized With an Annotated Bibliography of Reformed Doctrinal Works' Edited By Joel R. Beeke & Sinclair R. Ferguson

'The New York Times Manual Of Style and Usage' Allan M. Siegal & William G. Connolly

'Psalter Hymnal' Centennial Edition of the Christian Reformed Church 1959 edition

'Oxford Pocket American Dictionary of Current English' paperback edition 2002

'Cruden's Complete Concordance' paperback edition

'Doctrinal Standards, Liturgy, and Church Order' Netherlands Reformed Congregations

'The Viking Book Of Aphorisms' A Personal Selection By W.H. Auden & Louis Kronenberger

'The Random House Thesaurus' small pocket book edition

'A Guide to Pronouncing Biblical Names' by T.S.K. Scott-Craig

'The Word Book III' A spelling Guide to over 40,000 Words By the publishers of The American Heritage Dictionary

'Slang and Euphemism' Third Revised Edition A Dictionary Of Oaths, Curses, Insults, Ethnic Slurs, Sexual Slang And Metaphor, Drug Talk, College Lingo, And Related Matters by Richard A. Spears

'American Slang' Edited By Robert L. Chapman, Ph.D.

'Liturgies Of The Western Church' Selected And Introduced By Bard Thompson

'Schott's Original Miscellany' by Ben Schott

'The C.H. Spurgeon Collection' Includes the Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit and the Park Street Pulpit THE COMPLETE COLLECTION OF CHARLES SPURGEON'S WIRTINGS CD-ROM

'Merriam-Webster's Pocket Dictionary' A handy, concise guide to 40,000 English words

New King James Bible
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