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Masonic Youth 
12th-Oct-2018 03:54 pm

away and what to us O nazarite
you have to destroy
we know who you are
holy one of God
what is done
what is said
from deathbed to deathbed
the paste faced men
a collection collective
bedside manner grin

this darkness does not want me
it refuses to hold me
who will hide me in the fowl air
of my own hearts desires

you've the most beautiful thing
i've even seen
in all four directions
i, learning who you have been
he is not you, this strawman
let me take a look
let me take a stab at it
pitch black
He has stood my ride
hey living symbol
living symbol
girl come inside
who is this to speak before Him
pleading to gnaw the bones of Moses
"be ye quiet and come forth out"
plucked up and double dead
holy one
churning up a foam sea
be ye quiet shipwreck inside of me
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