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decretal theology

It is 1:08 PM Wednesday afternoon here in southwest Michigan. It is a cold rainy early autumn day. The leaves are falling from the trees. Soon it will be time once again to rake leaves and mow the grass one more time before the approach of Winter. Winter will soon be upon us once again. It is going to get in the 40's this month here where we live in the death flow.

I have been mainly writing in my paper diary this morning and reading from a book titled, 'The Rise of Reformed System: The Intellectual Heritage of William Ames' by Jan van Vliet.

Carol got home late from work because she had a Skills Fair after work. She is off tonight and tomorrow night from work.

Last night I made a video for my Youtube channel and read late into the night a novel titled, 'Asymmetry' by Lisa Halliday.

There is not much else to report that blow off your socks. My life just flows by. I will close to watch the rain fall.

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