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the struggle against conformity, mechanization, and materialism 
3rd-Oct-2018 11:03 am
It is 10:54 AM Wednesday morning here in West Michigan. It is another cloudy damp day. I feels like it is going to rain sometime today.

I got up this morning around 6:15 AM. I got up made myself oatmeal for breakfast. I also made a fresh pot of coffee. I ate my oatmeal at the dining room table instead in front of a computer screen. After breakfast I messed with our main computer and then wrote in my paper diary. I next read once again for morning worship Richard Baxter's treatise 'The Saint's Everlasting Rest'. I also made a video this morning for my Youtube channel.

I got a phone call from Carol this morning and she expects to be home before dark tonight.

I have no plans for the day ahead of me. Last night I cleaned my cell and read my books. I went to bed the usual time. Existence keeps screaming by.

I mainly read last night from a book titled, 'Grounded In Heaven: Recentering Christian Hope and Life on God' by Michael Allen.

I will close to drift. I might take a nap this morning. I need to feel awake when my wife comes home this evening.
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