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the puritan doctrine of piety

It is 4:21 PM late Monday afternoon here by Lake Michigan. It has been a cold wet gray damp day.

I got up this morning around 7:35 AM. I got up made myself a portion of oatmeal for breakfast. I also made a fresh pot of coffee. I ate myself oatmeal messing with our main computer. After messing with our main computer I wrote in my paper diary about my last days. I am trying right now to remember if I read anything this morning after writing in my paper diary. I recall making a video for my Youtube channel and reading from a sermon by the 17th century English Puritan Rev. Thomas Doolittle.

I left for the Book Nook around 9:45 AM. When I got to the library I got the keys to the store and then unloaded boxes of books to haul into the bookstore. The Book Nook was not busy today so I read from a book I bought yesterday titled, 'The Written World: The Power Of Stories To Shape People, History, And Civilization' by Martin Puchner.

I just remembered as I was leaving this morning for the Book Nook Carol called. We only talked for a few minutes, she said she would call me this evening.

I brought home from the Book Nook one used book a Art history book titled, 'Art Since 1940: Strategies Of Being' by Jonathan Fineberg.

After I got out of the Book Nook I visited a local thrift store on the way to get myself a pizza. I found at this thrift store a hardback of the life of Freud titled, "Freud: A Life for Our Time' biography by Peter Gay. I already had this biography on Freud in paperback, but this edition is a hardback in excellent condition.

So after the thrift store I got a pizza and came home. When I got home I ate lunch and wrote in my paper diary. In the mail I received a new book from Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary titled, 'Puritan Piety' Writings in Honor of Joel R. Beeke' Edited by Michael A.G. Haykin & Paul Smalley.

Well I got to close since I think I am having a heart attack. Existence keeps speeding by!There no way of escape.

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