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favorite books on preaching the Bible

favorite books on preaching the Bible

'Sacred Rhetoric or A Course of Lectures on Preaching' by Robert L. Dabney, D.D. (first published in 1870)

'The Power Of The Pulpit or Thoughts Addressed To Christian Ministers And Those Who Hear Them' by Gardiner Spring, D.D. (published in 1849)

'An Earnest Ministry The Want Of The Times' by John Angell James (published in 1848)

'The Morning Exercises-Puritan Sermons 1659-1689' Six Volumes (reprinted in 1981 by Richard Owen Roberts/originally published in 1690 and republished in London 1844)

'Theoretical-Practical Theology' Prolegmena Volume 1 by Petrus van Mastricht Translated By Todd M. Rester Edited By Joel R. Beeke

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