a vocation dedicated to the promotion of true religion

It is in the death flow 9:53 AM Tuesday morning. It is another hot humid day here in west Michigan.

I got up this morning around 7 o'clock AM. When I got up my wife was up reading in the living room. I asked if she wanted oatmeal for breakfast and she said No. I did not want oatmeal either for breakfast. I ate fruit for breakfast and a bagel with cream cheese.

I messed with our main computer this morning around then wrote in my paper diary. I then read for awhile 'The Saint's Everlasting Rest' a treatise by Richard Baxter and then got out to read a book titled, 'The Rise of Reformed System: The Intellectual Heritage of William Ames' by Jan van Vliet.

Last night I watched television with Carol and after she went to bed I made a video for my Youtube site and then looked at my books till 11 o'clock PM when I went to bed. Existence keeps speeding by!

I plan this morning to go to our Credit Union and then to visit a local thrift store. Carol called in sick for work this morning, so she is off tonight once again. She wants to feel better when she leaves for her New Mexico trip next Tuesday.

Do not know what else to report this morning. My days are pretty much always the same. I am seeking to live in the presence of God. I suppose I will close to drift.
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