The Hobbies and Pastimes Book Tag

The Hobbies and Pastimes Book Tag

1. Sport: A novel with the best sporting contest or event portrayal. 'Nana' a novel by Zola horse racing scene

2. Music: A novel with the best musician or composer character. 'The Time of Our Singing' a novel by Richard Powers professional opera singer one of the main characters

3. Collecting: A novel with a character who collects things. 'Laura Warholic or; The Sexual Intellectual' a novel by Alexander Theroux collects old Blues records

4. Cookery: A novel with a great cooking or dining scene. 'John Saturnall's Feast' a novel by Lawrence Norfolk

5. Art: A novel with a painter, sculptor or painting in it. 'An Adultery' by Alexander Theroux one of the main characters is a painter

6. Hunting: A novel with a hunting or fishing scene. 'Trout Fishing In America' a novel by Richard Brautigan

7. Gardening: A novel with descriptions of gardens or flowers.'Already Dead: A California Gothic' a novel by Dennis Johnson main character grows marijuana

8. Birdwatching: A novel in which a bird features. 'A Tiding of Magpies: Birder Murder Mystery' by Steve Burrows

9. Genealogy: A novel which features several generations of a family. 'Buddenbrooks' a novel by Thomas Mann

10. Modeling: A novel in which someone constructs a model or a model railway set or something in miniature. 'The Miniaturist' a novel by Jessie Burton

11. Homebrewing: A novel that contains moonshine, bootleggers or unlicensed drinking. 'Twilight' a novel by William Gay the main character's father was a whiskey bootlegger

12. Gambling: A novel that features a gambler or a scene of gambling. 'The Gambler' a novel by Fyodor Dostoersky

13. Cosplay: A novel in which a character dresses up or disguises themselves. 'Blue Belle' crime fiction by Andrew Vachss one of the characters who is a man dresses as a woman
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