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Archetypal Theology

It is in the divine flow of created reality 11:09 AM late Saturday morning here in Holland Michigan. The sun is shining this morning. A good day for college football.

I have been reading this morning, 'A Treatise On True Theology' by Franciscus Junius (1530-1595). I got up this morning around 8:05 AM.

I also read this morning, 'The Saint's Everlasting Rest' a treatise by Richard Baxter. Carol went grocery shopping this morning and has been working in the kitchen since she got home from a grocery store. She baked a pumpkin pie this morning. She still is sick with a cold.

Last night we watched television. Carol went to bed early and I stayed up and watched a show on Amazon Prime. I went to bed around 11 o'clock PM. I slept down in the lower level last night due to the hot weather.

I suppose this afternoon we will watch college football. Well I will close to drift into the afternoon hours.

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