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Here, in the daylight, he had the nagging feeling of being an outcast

It is 9:42 PM Monday night in the death flow. It was a long day! I plan to go to bed by 11 o'clock PM tonight. Carol went to bed a long time ago.

Carol got up from her nap around 2 o'clock PM. Around that same time Caleb called to see what time Carol and I were coming down to their place for grilled meat (Labor Day cook out)? Carol and I drove down the street to Caleb and Emily's around 3 o'clock PM. We had a nice meal with Caleb, Emily, Josie and Cora.

Caleb flies to Boston for work tomorrow morning and comes back Thursday night. Emily has to work tomorrow so Carol is walking down to their place to watch Josie and Cora all day. I will stay here to scream into a black hole.

This evening I watched television with Carol till she went to bed. After Carol went to bed I sat in the dark and then decided to write some shit in my online diaries. I also downloaded the photos I took at the Labor Day cook out at Caleb's this evening. Today I have mainly read 'Havoc' a novel by Tom Kristensen.

Well I will close to go back to sitting in the dark. There is no way of escape. I am trapped.

food to be grilled for Labor Day

Caleb grilling in their backyard

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