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to function as a symptom of a culture in crisis

It is in the death flow 3:54 PM Friday late afternoon. It has been a long day here in west Michigan!

I got up this morning around 7:34 AM. When I got up my wife was already up reading in the living room. I made for us oatmeal for breakfast. I amazes me how little I eat, but never get thinner. Weird. I really do not like eating food. I should be real skinny but I am a little overweight. I do not consider myself a fat man, but I do have a fat belly. My belly must be excess fat that has become apart of my body mass. I need to burn off excess fat but taking up prize fighting or mountain climbing.

This morning I volunteered at the local library used books store The Book Nook from 10 o'clock AM till 1 o'clock PM. At the Book Nook when not helping people I read from a book titled, 'Modernism The Lure Of Heresy: From Baudelaire To Beckett And Beyond' by Peter Gay. I brought home from the Book Nook these used items/books-

'The Land Of Open Graves: Living And Dying On The Migrant Trail' by Jason De Leon With Photographs By Michael Wells

'The Letters of John and Abigail Adams' Penguin Classics

'Ted & I: A Brother's Memoir' by Gerald Hughes

'A Reader's Book of Days: True Tales From The Lives And Works Of Writers For Every Day Of The Year' by Tom Nissley

'The Paris Review' Summer 2014 209

When I got home from the Book Nook Carol was not home. She came home soon after I did. She is sleeping right now because she works the next three nights.

I went down the street this afternoon to see if Caleb needed help for anything. I brought home used moving boxes to reuse packing some of my books to store in a back room down in the lower level.

I will close since I am feeling wasted. This is the last day of August 2018. Tomorrow is a new month, September 1, 2018.

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