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happiness means to find satisfaction in the ever-progressing desire for more of God

It is in the flow of divine providence 8:47 PM Tuesday night here in west Michigan. I thought I would list the used books I found today at local thrift stores. Late this morning I left the house to get bird food and to visit thrift stores in search of reading matter. I always need something to read before the final curtain falls. I found these used books today to add to our midbrow library-

'The New York Times Manual of Style and Usage'

'Faith & Power: The Politics of Islam' by Edward Mortimer

'Sea Of Gray: The Round-The-World Odyssey Of The Confederate Raider Shenandoah' Civil War History by Tom Chaffin

'Endless Frontier: Vannevar Bush, Engineer Of The American Century' biography by G. Pascal Zachary

A Royal Affair: George III And His Scandalous Siblings' biography by Stella Tillyard

'Unto the Sons' a novel by Gay Talese

So this day has gone by. When I got back from my errands I drift through the afternoon. Around 3 o'clock PM our oldest son called asking if I could help him move boxes around the house. Emily and Caleb moved into their new house today, so I drove down the street and helped our son.

Anyway this day has gone by. I read this afternoon before helping our son Caleb from a novel titled, 'Pinkerton's Sister' a novel by Peter Rushforth. I also read this afternoon from a volume titled, 'Modernism The Lure Of Heresy: From Baudelaire To Beckett And Beyond' by Peter Gay.

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