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The Booktube Community Tag


1. How long have you been watching Booktube? I have been watching Booktube for four years.
2. How long have you been a Booktuber? I have been a Booktuber for three years.
3. How many countries do you have on your subscriber list? How many country's Booktubers do you subscribe to? I do not know all the countries of my subscribers. I subscribe to many Booktubers, but most of them no longer post videos.
4. Describe how you handle your comments section? Do you have regular conversations with certain people? I seek to reply to all my comments. I receive very few comments so it is not difficult to reply to comments. I do not have regular conversations with any of my subscribers.
5. Do you interact with Booktubers on other social media than youtube? If so what? No
6. Do you rely on some Booktubers for recommendations? No
7. Do you interact with other Booktubers on email? Regularly or Occasionally?I occasionally interact with one of my Booktube subscribers.
8. With tag videos do you mix it up or do you tend to tag the same people? I am really not into tags.
9. Have you ever mailed books to another Booktuber? Yes I have mailed books to Booktubers.
10. Have you received books in the mail from another Booktubers? Yes
11. Have you ever visited or been visited by another Booktuber? No
12. Do you do buddy reads? Is it always with the same people? Are they Booktubers? I have done only two buddy reads. I am not into buddy reads because I am reading too many books.
13. Tag some of your friends Like I said I am not into tags so I won't tag anyone

Since my two week suspension in Youtube I have directed my videos to viewers outside of Booktube. I have come to see over time my videos can not be labeled strictly videos made for Booktube. My videos are more diary videos/the diary of a Christian bookworm and not a Booktuber.

If I was to tag my videos as Booktube I am afraid Youtube would delete my site for being accurately describing the content my videos.

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