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structures of deceit

It is in the ongoing flow of decay 1:54 PM Friday afternoon here in west Michigan. Outside this afternoon it is wet, gray, and extremely humid. It rained this morning, but now it is just plan gray and humid. I am glad I mowed our lawn yesterday, because I sure would not want to mow our lawn this afternoon!

So it is a Friday in the death flow. This morning I got up around 7:03 AM. When I got up the wife of my youth was frying bacon for BLT sandwich. I got a couple of fried bacon to eat while I drank a cold glass of orange juice. It is a blessing having bacon and orange juice when I know Syria is in a state of bloody civil war and the East Coast of America is going to soon be under water.

This morning I do not remember reading anything. I do recall writing in my paper diary this morning. I left to volunteer at the local library used books store The Book Nook around 9:37 AM. The Book Nook was not busy so I basically just read from a book titled, 'The Scarlet Tree' autobiography by Osbert Sitwell. I brought home from the Book Nook only one used book to add to our personal library-

'Papal Sin: Structures Of Deceit' non-fiction Catholic Church by Garry Wills

This afternoon when I got home from the Book Nook I found Carol eating lunch and also then ate lunch. After lunch I wrote some more shit in my paper diary and now I am listening to the music of Arab Strap and writing in my online diaries. Carol left to do errands and I am waiting it out. Existence keeps speeding by!

Last night I can't remember right now. I spent most of the day yesterday reading Volume 1 from 'The Devil's Redemption: A New History And Interpretation Of Christian Universalism' by Michael J. McClymond. I also read last night from a book titled, 'The Pastor As Public Theologian: Reclaiming a Lost Vision' by Kevin J. VanHoozer & Owen Strachan.

I just remember yesterday late afternoon I mowed our lawn and chopped plant growth. Carol also did some plant growth chopping yesterday.

Well I will close to wait it out. There is no way of escape.

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