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the quest for mystical union

It is 11:41 AM late Thursday morning here in west Michigan. Right now the sun is shining and it is the high 70's. It is suppose to be hot and humid this afternoon. This morning it rained here where we live out our lives.

Carol and I both got up this morning around 6:30 AM. When I got up I made a fresh pot of coffee and made a pot of oatmeal breakfast.

This morning we went grocery shopping. When we got back from grocery shopping Carol left to do errands and I have been messing with our main computer.

I have been reading today when possible from a book titled, 'Seeing God: The Beatific Vision in Christian Tradition' by Hans Boersma.

Last night we watched television and went to bed around 10:30 PM. I could not fall asleep so I got up and read and messed with our main computer till I got sleepy. Now it is another day. I plan to do nothing the rest of the day. These days I like to close my eyes and doze.

I did read yesterday some more of the novel, 'Dissident Gardens' by Jonathan Lethem. I also read yesterday my books on the Gospel of John that are on my study desk-

'The Gospel of John: A Commentary' by Frederick Dale Bruner

'John' Interpreted by Early Christian and Medieval Commentators [The Church's Bible] Bryan A. Stewart & Michael A. Thomas

'The Good & Evil Serpent: How A Universal Symbol Became Christianized' by James H. Charlesworth

I plan to look at this work today when I am not falling asleep, 'The Devil's Redemption: A New History And Interpretation Of Christian Univeralism' Two Volumes by Michael J. McClymond.

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