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a shadow among the living dead

It is 3:50 PM Sunday late afternoon here in west Michigan. It is hot outside presently. Earlier I was outside feeding our birds and putting clean water in our birdbath. I also watered plants while outside. It is dry and we need rain. Some parts of the state of Michigan are under a drought. I told Carol today people do not realize we are running out of clean water. Clean water someday soon we be rare and cost a lot of money. Every day we read newspaper stories of people's drinking water being full of poisons. Also due to global warming rivers, lakes, and oceans are drying up. More and more areas of the world are becoming deserts. We are doomed as species/mankind. I feel sad for our children and grandchildren. The super rich are destroying the planet earth and no ones cares because we have become apathetic.

I spent the morning reading my books and writing in my paper diary (all absurd activities in light of our coming destruction as a people/mankind). Carol told me when she got home from church she noticed gasoline was down to $2.76 a gallon so I went and filled up the van and our car. We get a dime off the price of gasoline if we get our gasoline at Meijer's gas station. After filling up Carol's car with gas I drove over to a Goodwill Store to look at their used books. I found these used books to add to our library-

'Music For A Broken Piano' a novel by James Baker Hall

'Janesville: An American Story' non-fiction by Amy Goldstein

'MVP' a novel by James Boice

When I got home Carol was still up (the time was 2:30 PM). She did not want to go to work, but finally went to bed to sleep awhile before having to get up and go work.

So existence keeps decaying or drying up. The world will soon be a vast wasteland.

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