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conformed to the image of His Son

It is in the ongoing death flow 4:49 PM Tuesday late afternoon. It has been a typical day for me thus far. I have no cause to complain or to throw in the towel. God is good and all is well in the heavens.

I did not leave the house today. My van is still at the auto repair shop so all I have to drive is Carol's car. I do not like driving my wife's car because I am afraid some crazy driver will crash into me and wreck her car. I would feel horrible if Carol's car was to be destroyed while I was out driving it. Now tomorrow I will have to drive Carol's car to the local library to help set up the Friends of the Library annual used books sale. My van hopefully will be back on the road this coming Friday, the 20th of July.

Today I struggled to stay awake all day. I did lay down for 30 minutes down in the lower level.

I mainly read my books today and wandered the house. We have the windows open because it is not hot today here in west Michigan. What we need is a couple days of steady rain.

I carried down into the lower level today over 30 books. I find myself constantly dreaming of getting rid of most of my books and just reading what I think would be worth reading in my old age. Why do I hold unto books that I will never in a million years read? It is all absurd, but life to me does not make sense. It is all absurd to the human intellect unless it is illuminated by the Light.

I did not get anything in the mail today. Tomorrow I am suppose to get this book in the mail, 'Conformed to the Image of His Son: Reconsidering Paul's Theology of Glory in Romans' by Haley Jacob Goranson. Once again another book to add to the book chaos. It is all crazy!

The last book I attempted to read this afternoon was titled, 'Children Of The Sun: A Narrative of "Decadence" in England After 1918' by Martin Green.

Carol works tonight and then is off for a couple of nights. She works Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We are coming to the end of July 2018. Summer will soon be gone once again.

Well I will close to face the coming darkness.

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