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getting back to normal

It is in the death flow 9:45 AM Saturday morning here in west Michigan. Outside it is gray and humid. It is strange not seeing hot sunshine this morning. We have had a long spell of hot dry sunny weather.

I just got up from a nap. Carol and I both got up around 4 o'clock AM this morning to see Andy, Beth, Lou, Marn, and Jack off. They drive back to Denver today and hope to be there tonight around 11 o'clock PM. A long 18 hour drive was ahead of them when Andy and Beth drove off.

Carol and I put the house somewhat back together after everyone left. I went down in the lower level and slept. Carol is now sleeping in our bedroom. Maybe now Carol and I's lives will get back on track. It was good to see Beth, Andy, Lou, Marn, and Jack. The next time we see our grandchildren they will be bigger and more grown up. Life just keeps zooming by! We can not stop the death flow.

I do not know what else to report. Last night Carol and I watched taped shows and went to bed early. We went to bed early because we knew we would be getting up early to see Beth and Andy off.

I do not think I have recorded here what I got from the Book Nook yesterday. So yesterday I volunteered at the library used books store The Book Nook. The store was not busy so I read when not helping people from a book titled, 'I Will Be Complete: A Memoir' by Glen David Gold. I brought home from the Book Nook these used books for our library-

'Leatherstocking Tales' Two Volumes by James Fenimore Cooper

'The Gathering' a novel by Anne Enright

'An Adultery' a novel by Alexander Theroux

'Beyond The Mexique Bay' travel memoir by Aldous Huxley

In the mail yesterday I received a book titled, 'Diaghilev: A Life' by Sjeng Scheijen Translated by Jane Hedley.

I suppose I will close now to write in my paper diary. Existence keeps speeding by! Sometimes life seems like heaven.


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