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It is 3:59 PM Monday late afternoon here in west Michigan where the sun never sets and the wolves like fresh meat.

I am enjoying some peace before it all comes to a sad conclusion. Carol is sleeping right now because goes back to work tonight. I am hoping Lakeshore Auto Repair Shop calls and tells me I can come get Carol's car. Today I volunteered at the local library used books store The Book Nook and on the way home I heard underneath the car the muffler dragging so I drove over to where we have work done on our motor vehicles to have it reattached. I hate to tell Carol when she gets up this evening she will have to walk to work. Carol could have driven our Dodge van but is out of commission presently something is wrong with the front end. I have a car/van appointment to get the van fixed on the 20th of this month July.

I am having a difficult time making sense today. I am extremely tired. This morning before I left for the Book Nook Andy, Beth, Lou, Marn, and Jack left for their family reunion up North Michigan. They told Carol and I they would be back this Thursday afternoon.

The Book Nook today was not busy so I read from a book titled, 'Children of The Sun-A Narrative of "Decadence" in England After 1918' by Martin Green.

I got to close because Carol is up and I got to tell her the bad news.

It is now in the death flow 4:50 PM Monday early evening. I told Carol the bad news, she said she would walk to work tonight. She only has to work a couple of blocks to the hospital where she works, so the walk won't be long.

I brought home from the Book Nook these used books today-

'The Complete New Yorker' Introduction By David Reminick

'The Art Of Subtext: Beyond Plot' essays by Charles Baxter

'The Old Gringo' a novel by Carlos Fuentes Translated from the Spanish by Margaret Sayers Peden

'The Heart's Invisible Furies' a novel by John Boyne

'Magpie Murders' a novel by Anthony Horowitz

'Andy Warhol 365 Takes' By the Staff of The Andy Warhol Museum

'Avenue Of Mysteries' a novel by John Irving

It is 4:57 PM Monday evening. I have no plans for the rest of this day. Tomorrow is a Tuesday. No way out.

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