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I think you misinterpreted what I meant. I was just curious about the dichotomy. I was in no way trying to pigeon hole you. I agree that most "Christian" music is nauseating too. I'm not into death metal, but Led Zeppelin and all kinds of rock that certainly does not have a Christian message. I was just asking if you found the message in death metal kind of depressing. I was not trying to pass judgement in any way. I'm sorry if you thought that.

I like dark depressing music in general. I find death metal perfect background music for what is going on presently in America/Trump and the fallen world. In someways death metal/black metal music is more truthful than contemporary adult music etc. . . I am by nature depressed/in a black mood. Side note I tend to take everything personal but I know deep down folks are just expressing their ideas/perspectives-I find your videos very Right On!

Well Jonny, I certainly understand as I have suffered from depression my entire life. I also understand why you are sensitive to what people say. You are a spiritually enlightened man, and therefore you not only are acutely aware of your own suffering but also acutely feel the pain of others.. I think that is because we are sharing a small part in Christ's suffering. I'll let you in on a little secret. The foul mouthed cynical hard drinking guy that is Vegematic, is largely a character and not really who I am. I take the most obnoxious facets of my personality and have created a caricature of myself. It seems to make people laugh, and that makes me happy. In the end, nothing in this world can give anyone satisfaction, because it's being systematically destroyed by the evil that is in men's hearts. All is vanity.

I have only one desire in life and that is set forth the Gospel of Christ/be Real in Christ Jesus. Not be afraid to be who I am as a lover of God. One can not in this life set forth all that we are in a video or a online diary. No matter how hard we seek to communicate divine Truth we fail/it all comes out fragmented. In the end I believe God brings sinners to repentance and saving faith. I call what I do in my videos and online diary Reality Evangelism. We are here as Christians to bear witness to the saving work of Christ displayed in the Cross/the revelation of holy Scripture/the Bible. I know I will be misunderstood or misinterpreted but that is the price for being real as a saved sinner/a lover of the Lord Jesus Christ. I am broken and not fully conformed to the image of Christ presently. My burning/heavenly hope is that through my brokenness the light of Christ will shine through me.

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