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video comment getting stoned with savages


Interesting books. I find it's a bit strange that you as a minister listen to death metal. A lot of these bands are unabashedly satanic. I realize that not everyone who likes this music agrees with the philosophy they espouse, but don't you find it kind of depressing? I know you watch my channel, and not many in my audience would ever guess that I am a Christian since I never talk about it, and still have many bad habits. I believe that most are atheists, and therefore have closed their minds regarding anything that smacks of religion. The closest that I came to talking about it, was a video that I made about my experience with the occult that I had as a teenager. I think that because of the preponderance of crazy fundamentalists, prosperity heresies, and TV false prophets, people have tarred anyone who identifies as a "Christian", with a broad brush and as someone who is anti-intellectual, if not mentally ill. I don't blame them. It is sad to say, but in my experience, I have found that many atheists are indeed more trustworthy than those who loudly proclaim themselves Christian. Such people whom I have had business dealings with, have taken advantage of me, lied to me, and outright stolen from me. It reminds me of the words Gandhi spoke "I very much love your Christ, but he is so unlike Christians." Anyway, I'm rambling on now, so I will just say that I enjoy your channel and wish I could one day sit down with you and have a fascinating conversation. Be well Jonny.

Jonny Keen

I listen to all kinds of music-I read all kinds of books-I like all kinds of Art-is there demonic Art? demonic Music? demonic Literature? I find myself in Union with Christ. It is like I am watching-listening-reading-examining the world of Man going around and around me-in the center of Reality is God and me in living relationship with God-I am experiencing the world of Man-this fallen sinful world inside the living Mind of Christ-I do not believe what is set forth by Man/death metal/modernistic literature/Modern Art is Eternal Reality-but a passing image/non-reality-a part of the Death Flow. I am in a silent love relationship with the Risen Exalted Lord Jesus Christ. I am in this crazy absurd world but my heart is fixed on the New Creation-I want to go Home and be forever with the Lord. I am lost in the wonder and beauty of the Lord Jesus Christ. All is vanity! All is horse shit. The experience of Life is complex for me personally-some of what I experience will never make sense to me-I am just seeking to live in the Presence of God and there is a lot of crap spinning all around my EYE MIND HEART but I am grounded in the Essence of the Godhead/mystical union with Christ Jesus.

Thanks for sharing. In closing I think country music is demonic and also some classical music. As a Calvinist I would say a lot of popular Christian music is demonic.

I am not a gospel minister. I am a simple Christian. A wayfaring Pilgrim traveling to the heavenly City of God. I am a nobody. A Christian who does not fit in the American religious landscape. I am weird. A crazy old Elder who loves Jesus. peace


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