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Fourth Of July 2018

It is in the flow of existence 4:20 PM Wednesday late afternoon. It is the Fourth of July. It is a hot day here in West Michigan. I am tired and full of food. I stuffed myself today with hot-dogs, brats, pie, watermelon, coffee, and pork ribs. We are feasting to celebrate freedom from tyranny.

Carol is right now sleeping down in the lower level because she works tonight. Everybody else is outside with the grandkids/Emily, Caleb, Beth, Andy, Lou, Marn, Josie, and Jack. Cora Leigh is sleeping/taking a nap. I am inside listening for Cora to wake up.

This morning I did leave the house for a big used books sale in Grand Rapids. I left here around 7:45 AM and was home from the used books sale around 10:20 AM. I bought a lot of used books which I will list later. Right now the used books I bought are down in the lower level and I do not want to wake up Carol.

When I got home Andy, Beth, Lou, Marn, and Jack were gone visiting friends in Grand Rapids. I went downstairs to recover from the used books sale. I slept for about 30 minutes when I came upstairs the house was filled with family. So the day goes by. I am tired but that is normal for me. I have not slept soundly in ages.

Last night is a blur. I recall reading my books and going to bed early last night. Carol went to bed around 8 o'clock PM and I went to bed around 10 o'clock PM. I got up this morning around 7 o'clock AM. Carol was already up with the grandkids.

I will close to feel wasted from lack of sleep and too much rich food. Tomorrow is a Thursday.


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