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It is 3:42 PM Monday afternoon here in west Michigan. It is a sunny cool afternoon. I was able to mow our lawn when I came home from volunteering at the Book Nook the local library used books store this afternoon.

The Book Nook was slow today so I basically read from a novel/historical fiction titled, 'The Queen of the Night' by Alexander Chee. I brought home these used books from the Book Nook for our library-

'History, Tales, Sketches' Washington Irving [Library of America]

'Prose and Poetry' Stephen Crane [Library of America]

'Personal Memoirs' by Ulysses S. Grant

'Moscow 1812: Napoleon's Fatal March' by Adam Zamoyski

'Off to the Side' a memoir by Jim Harrison

'The Fall Of The Ottomans: The Great War in the Middle East' by Eugene Rogan

'The Pity Of War: Explaining World War I' by Niall Ferguson

'Berlin: The Twenties' by Rainer Metzger & Christian Brandstatter

'The Emperor's Last Island: A Journey To St. Helena' biography by Julia Blackburn

'The Memory Palace Of Matteo Ricci' Chinese History by Jonathan D. Spence

'The Dream of Scipio' fiction by Iain Pears

'The Death And Life Of The Great Lakes' by Dan Egan

'Exit West' fiction by Mohsin Hamid

'Cultural Amnesia: Necessary Memories From History And The Arts' by Clive James

When I got home from the Book Noon Carol, Josiah, Hannah and Marika were not home. I ate lunch and then did lawn work. So has gone by existence. Carol is now up from a nap and Josiah, Hannah, and Marika left to visit with friends in Grand Rapids.

I will close to rest.

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