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the history of evolutionary thought

It is 10:32 AM Sunday morning in the ongoing of the death flow. It is another cold damp gray ugly early Summer day here in West Michigan. It is hard to believe half year has gone by already! We will soon be in the Year 2019.

Carol, Josiah, Hannah, and Marika went to Covenant PCA this morning. When they get back from Covenant PCA we all will drive over to GR for a meal at our oldest son's place.

It has been a normal morning thus far, but we never know when it will all come crashing down on top of our heads. Nothing is for certain in this race to the finish line.

I do not remember much about today or yesterday to be perfectly honest. All around me lately has been pure chaos.

I have been reading this morning from a book titled, 'Ever Since Darwin: Reflections In Natural History' by Stephen Jay Gould.

I will close to feel my cold feet.

Carol & Marika Rose
Marika & Noni

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