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reality exists in order to be turned into literature 
12th-Jun-2018 03:34 pm
It is now in the ongoing death flow 3:26 PM Tuesday afternoon. I am recovering from doing yard work presently. I did mow our lawn and trimmed bushes. Before mowing our lawn I left the house and visited two local thrift stores in search of used books to add to our library-I found these used books today-

'Pinball' a novel by Jerzy Kosinski

'The Life and Death of Mary Wollstonecraft' biography by Claire Tomalin

'The Karaoke Singer's Guide to Self-Defense' a novel by Tim Kinsella

'Under The Glacier' a novel by Halldor Lazness Translated From The Icelandic By Magnus Magnusson

'Grant: A Biography' by William S. McFeely

'Solo: A James Bond Novel' by William Boyd

'Why I Am A Catholic' memoir by Garry Wills

I received in the mail today a book I had pre-ordered awhile back titled, 'The Mathematics Of The Breath And The Way: On Writers And Writing' by Charles Bukowski Edited With An Introduction By David Stephen Calonne.

Well since I feel myself about to fall asleep I will close to face what comes next.

S.O.S. Lysergic acid diethylamide

wild roses
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