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a nation of independent yeomen with small self-sufficient farms

It is in the ongoing death flow 9:29 AM Sunday morning here in West Michigan. It is another gray wet rainy day. We had flooding South of us due to the rain. We have had a rainy wet gray Spring. Maybe we will have a wet gray rainy Summer this year. We are in the Last Days and one of the signs of the End is weird weather patterns. Also we have had two volcanoes erupt recently. The earth is groaning in travail.

I got up this morning around 7 o'clock AM. Carol was already up with baby Cora (Cora is four months old). I made a fresh pot of coffee and oatmeal for breakfast.

Carol left to go to the store after putting Cora down for her morning nap. I have been trying to come to grips with reality and writing in my paper diary. I also have been reading this morning from a book I read yesterday off and on titled, 'The Invention of Nature: Alexander Von Humboldt's New World' by Andrea Wulf.

Yesterday is a blur so I won't make the effort to recall it for this diary entry.

Well I suppose I will close to drift through this day. Taking care of a four month old baby is a lot of work!


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