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Friday Reads & A Used Books Haul

Friday Reads & A Used Books Haul

'Churchill & Orwell: The Fight For Freedom' by Thomas E. Ricks

'Fear and Loathing at Rolling Stone: The Essential Writing of Hunter S. Thompson' Edited with an Introduction by Jann S. Wenner

'Who Killed Hunter S. Thompson? Edited & with a Humongous Introduction (A Book in Itself!) By Warren Hinckle By Many of His Closest Friends & Co-Conspirators

'Onward And Upward: A Biography of Katharine S. White' by Linda H. Davis

'Women and Men' a novel by Joseph McElroy

'Introducing Medieval Biblical Interpretation: The Senses of Scripture in Premodern Exegesis' by Ian Christopher Levy

'Nicaea and its Legacy: An Approach to Fourth-Century Trinitarian Theology' by Lewis Ayres

'John' Interpreted by Early Christian and Medieval Commentators [The Church's Bible]

'1493: Uncovering The New World Columbus Created' by Charles C. Mann

'Christ Actually: The Son Of God For The Secular Age' by James Carroll

'Who Paid The Piper? The CIA And The Cultural Cold War' by Frances Stonor Saunders

'The Zanzibar Chest: A Story Of Life, Love, And Death In Foreign Lands' by Aidan Hartley

'The Jewish Messiah' a novel by Arnon Grunberg

'Drood' horror fantasy by Dan Simmons

'Tales of Beatnik Glory' Volumes I & II fiction by Ed Sanders

'Green Henry' a novel by Gottried Keller Translated from the German by A. M. Holt

'Complete In Him: A Guide to Understanding and Enjoying the Gospel' by Michael P. V. Battett (Dr. Beeke sent me this book on Reformed theology and it came in the mail this afternoon.)

'The Financial Lives Of The Poets' A Novel Jess Walter

'The Executioner's Song' a novel by Norman Mailer

'The Year Of Magical Thinking' memoir by Joan Didion

'Flaneuse: Women Walk the City in Paris, New York, Tokyo, Venice and London' by Lauren Elkin

'American Rust' a novel by Philipp Meyer

'Abarat' fantasy horror by Clive Barker

'Days Of Magic & Nights Of War' fantasy horror by Clive Barker

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