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Scholar's Book Tag


1. Which lesser known writer do you feel more people need to read and study?
2. Which well-known writer do you feel garners too much attention (overrated or studied "too much" if there's such a thing)?
3. A writer or work you believe will be in the canon by 2050.
4. A writer from you area (state or country) that you believe deserves more recognition.
5. A deceased writer you felt should have won a Nobel Prize in Literature.
6. A living writer you feel should win a Nobel Prize in Literature.
7. A writer who you feel needs a complete anthology of their work.
8. A translated work you feel deserves recognition.
9. A work of nonfiction you feel needs to be studied.
10. If you could teach any five literature-based classes (whether they exist in some form or you create it), what would they be?
11. Who do you tag?

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