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the Son shares the Father's nature

It is in the flow of existence 8:03 AM Thursday morning here in West Michigan. It is another sunny morning here where I am living out my appointed days.

I got up this morning around 6:15 AM. Carol was already up when I got up to face another day. A day created by the Creator God. I made a pot of oatmeal for breakfast and made a fresh pot of coffee. I ate my oatmeal messing with our main computer. After messing with our main computer I wrote in my paper diary.

Carol left this morning for an appointment with her foot doctor. I have been reading for morning devotions from a book titled, 'Nicaea and its Legacy: An Approach to Fourth-Century Trinitarian Theology' by Lewis Ayres.

Yesterday I mainly read all day 'Giles Goat-Boy' a novel by John Barth.

Last night Carol and I watched taped television shows and went to bed around 10:25 PM. Now it is another day. I should mow our lawn today.

Well there is nothing really else important to record this morning. Existence keeps flowing by.

I suppose I should mention that late yesterday afternoon I trapped another chipmunk and set him free behind a local thrift store. After setting from a chipmunk I visited I went inside this thrift store to look at their used books and found these three used books to add to the book chaos down in the lower level library-

'Badluck Way: A Year on the Ragged Edge of the West' a memoir by Bryce Andrews

'The Death of Woman Wang' non-fiction by Jonathan D. Spence

'Andrew's Brain' a novel by E. L. Doctorow

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